The Solar Photovoltaic Modules offer high efficiency, long consistent performance life, reliable operations for ON and OFF Grid applications.


High power modules to achieve top most conversion efficiency
Anti Reflection coated cells to reduce the reflection of sunlight and Back Surface Field (BSF) structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
Usage of IEC certified raw materials from reputed international manufacturers
Rugged double coated aluminium alloy frame for longevity in rugged conditions.


Cells : Mono /Multi Crystalline Silicon Cells
Contacts : Full length solder dipped & electroplated
Laminate : EVA
Front Face : Anti reflective structured tempered glass
Back face : Multi layer laminate of Tedler Material
Frame : Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Boxes : Dust proof
Cables and connectors : 2 core PVC insulated cable
Diodes : includes schottkey by pass diodes
We procure the modules from the Indian and foreign suppliers with total importance given to the quality of the product.


Solar Street Lights
Solar Home Lights
Traffic Signaling Systems
Railway Signaling
Offshore applications
Big power plants
Grid connected systems
Bill Boards
Solar Lanterns
LED Home Lighting Systems
Education Kits
Sign Boards