Woody Biomass Based Thermal Gasifiers GT-500/GT-600/GT-700/GT-900

We deal in Wood Gasifiers to replace fossil fuels like Diesel / LPG / LDO / Kerosene etc.. We deal in a wide range of Wood Chip Cutter, Gasifier Based Crematorium, Multi Purpose Gasifier, Thermal Gasifiers, and Biomass Thermal Gasifier. These systems economically replace oil burning and save more than 50% fuel bill. These are suitable for Industries using 15 to 150 Ltrs of oil per hour for their furnaces/hot air generators/ melting/ roasting/ drying /calcinations applications etc. We also offer Gasifier Installation Facility to our clients. Our Gasifiers are running in various states successfully. The payback on investment on our Gasifiers will be few months only. Gasifiers help in attaining Furnace temperatures up to 1100oC.

Salient Features

   High Conversion efficiency from Biomass to gaseous fuel.
   Renewable Source of Energy.
   Clean environment compared to direct burning of solid fuel.
   Economical Source of Power compared to Oil & LPG.
   4 Kgs of Coconut Shells/woodchips can replace one litre of oil.
   No Chimney is needed for Operation.
   Flame Control is easy.
   Gas is burnt in hot condition and hence no pollutants generated.
   Furnace Temperatures upto 1100 Deg.C can be attained.
   Needs very small auxiliary power for operation.
   Positive Environmental impact and reduce Global Warming.
   Attractive Pay Back period (Few months in most cases).
   Can be operated continuously (24/7).
   Short Project gestation period.
   Hot Air can be generated economically for drying applications.
   Encourages Rural Economy.

In short, Biomass Gasifiers are economical energy source offering an opportunity for sustainable development through improving the rural economy. To harness the numerous advantages through Gasifiers for various Commercial applications are developed.

Working Requirements

Depending upon Heat requirement and space availability in the Kitchen suitable size Gasifier can be selected and installed. Starting and getting flame will take 15 minutes Consumption of wood chips is proportional to flame volume Any type of firewood is acceptable Loose biomass like leaves, sawdust etc. or briquettes are not acceptable

We can conveniently use and operate one burner with 20 kw Gasifier, 2 Burners with 50 kw Gasifier and 4 Burners with 100 kw Gasifier

Running economics with 20 kw Cooking Gasifier

Savings achievable in a month by using Gasifier in comparison with LPG cooking.

With 20kw Gasifier for 8hrs. operation per day = around Rs.57,000/-

With 50kw Gasifier for 8hrs. operation per day = around Rs.1,25,000/-

With 100kw Gasifier for 8hrs. operation per day = around Rs.2,50,000/-

NOTE: In case the cost of wood chips is less, the savings will be more proportionally.